Mi Band 3 NFC English Firmware Update (with using Iphone)

In this post, I explain how to upgrade your Mi Band 3 NFC wristband firmware version from default Chinese to English.

I give step by step explanation regarding firmware upgrade via an Iphone, you can find tons of explanations how can you do it with using Android at another forums.

This procedure is 100% working on my own Mi Band 3 NFC version.

Required Applications

You need to install these applications to upgrade your Mi Band 3 NFC

Mi Fit: This is the default Xioami application to sync your Mi Band 3 NFC with your phone

Amaz Tools: This is a free application that we are using to upgrade custom firmware.

Tested Version

The version we tested and mentioned in this document is

You can find up-to-date firmwares at http://www.geekdoing.com forum.

Upgrade Procedure

  • Open Mi Fit Application and pair with your Mi Band 3 (don’t close, It should be running at background)
  • Open Amaz Tools application and pair with Mi Band 3 (don’t close, it should be running at background)
  • Clik THIS LINK with using safari web browser, this will open Google Drive link that contains required firmware. If you have installed Google Drive application, the application opens automatically
  • Click the with_NFC folder and than folder named with firmware version
  • You can see firmware files there, click the file that ends with name _EN (which represents English firmware) and select open file with another application.
  • Select the application as Amaz Tools
  • The Amaz Tools application should be opened automatically and you should see the install button. Click the install button and the firmware update will start.
  • You should be seeing the percentage of the firmware installation.
  • After installation finished (100 %) your Mi Band 3 NFC will reboot and boot up with new upgraded English firmware.

Congratulations, the firmware upgrade is finished successfully and your Mi Band 3 NFC is now turned to English.

After a while, when you sync your Mi Band 3 with your Mi Fit application, device can turn back to Chinese version automatically. It means that the new firmware is installed to your device. If your wristband turns down Chinese again you have to apply this upgrade procedure again with new English firmware version.

You can re-visit our web site and look if there is a new version available or you can visit http://www.geekdoing.com for new firmware.

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