How to Make Ethernet Cable – Step By Step Guide with Pictures

Physical cabling is one of the most important factor on transmission health. Ethernet Cable has to be prepared carefully and error-free. Most of the time, it has been experienced that the faulty cable can be able to make communication slower and there was some million-dollar level financial loss happened and also finding problem may be gets hours or days long. So, how to make ethernet cable properly.

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Copper Ethernet Cable – Standards Types And Usage

We are usually using copper ethernet cable for transporting Ethernet signal today. At our homes or work places the Ethernet cable is used between computer and switch or two devices which have need Ethernet connection.

The two main factors for using Ethernet cable is price and distance. The distance for transporting Ethernet signal from source to destination safely is 100 meters long. The distances above 100m, we usually use fiber optic cables for Ethernet communications.

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Physical Layer – Two Example from Daily Life

Physical layer represents a media that using for data transport from source to destination. Data is converted to bit level and ready to transfer via a physical media. The data conversion to bit level is accomplished by network hardware and software on computer (or network device).

I want to mention that where the physical layer used in real life, so I don’t give theoretical information at this post.

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OSI Layers – What and Where Using

Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the OSI Layers at University. I read our books and also our teachers said what the OSI is, but no one show me where the OSI using in real life. After I started my profession, I realize that how important is the understanding OSI model and get information about which layer is using where with hands on experiences.

We can say that OSI is explain us how data transfer one point to another and which stations pass during this transfer period. The transfer function can be easily understand with separating the transfer path at the 7 main layers.

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Digital World – Binary and Decimal System

We have to understand the meaning of 0 and 1s which are fundamentals of digital world and electronics for understanding networking basics.

It is hard to believe that, all digital inventions around us are created with using 1 and 0 s, but it is true!

We have an information and we need to transfer this information from one point to another. Despite the fact that the analog systems have been used before, nowadays all information is transferring with digitally. Transferring information with digitally means converting this information to representation of 0 and 1s.

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